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Old CGI might look bad, but have you seen movies with stop-motion effects in them, like Beetlejuice and Robocop? Those effects don't look great today. Even cheesy CGI is better than stop motion.

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@thor this is a take I can't let stand by

I love good stop motion; and I find bad stop motion to be charming in a way bad CGI isn't

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@calvin I doubt that directors of the 80s and 90s would've agreed with you about that. They tended to choose the CGI.

Charming? This reminds me of how every audio engineer of the analog age basically wished they had the clean audio we now get from digital systems, and how baffled many of them were when people wanted to introduce distortion back into the digital systems to give their recordings color and character.

@calvin I think using CGI was the right choice, because it felt like an improvement, not only to the directors, but to the audiences of the time. In the early 90s, we hadn't yet reached the "digital is too sterile" stage as a society, and digital was still this new cool thing.

@calvin In other words, bad CG ages a movie the same way bad stop motion does, just for a different decade.