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Of all the languages that keep getting added to sites, why is Esperanto even on the list? Do the people translating to it genuinely speak it or is it just a challenge?

Don't even get me started on how it's ugly and hard to read in the Latin alphabet...

Like really. Its sounds were practically *MADE* for Cyrillic. Compare «Ĉu vi paroli mia lingvon?» to «Чу ви пароли миа лингвон?». Even Ido did a better job at not looking dumb.

winmine.exe @calvin

@rocx ...wasn't it made by a Belarussian guy?

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@calvin Polish, apparently. Maybe the idea of a unifying language (IAL) bringing world peace was a plausible theory in the late triassic period. Now we have something as silly and French-infested as English as our lingua franca plus brief moments of war so looks like EO = peace is out of the window. Thank you, Ancient France/Normandy for ruining our language.

Bah. I'mma make my own language. With blackjack and hookers. Surely there's a decent conlang community around here somewhere...