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@michcioperz Is it a good desktop distro? How is Alpine support for other desktops than LXDE?^W^W^W^W^W^W^W^WOh wait, it says XFCE. I could go for that. says it's using busybox for init, what does that mean? Is that like a sysvinit, or is using the runit-like functionality in busybox?

@xj9 Probably has opinions about both Void and Alpine too.

@clacke @Michcioperz @xj9 I sternely hate Busybox.... it doesn't use a lot less resources but is extremely limiting if you want to use it. Command not working e.t.c...

winmine.exe @calvin

@shellkr @clacke @Michcioperz I've never had a problem with Busybox; but I don't like GNU coreutils, so....

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@calvin @shellkr @clacke `git diff` kept messing up my terminal until I installed non-Busybox `less`
Busybox utils also don't implement certain arguments you get used to when you spend years on GNU coreutils

@michcioperz @shellkr @calvin IIRC correctly, #busybox `df` errors out if it gets `-h`, which is how I *always* run my `df`, instead it always acts as if it were sent that parameter, and shows SI prefixes on sizes.
> IIRC correctly

my brain is going. i can feel it.