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OS/2 warp had preemptive multitasking and a badass BSD-based networking stack before unix was "in".  writing PM programs was not the asinine exercise that making anything in win32 was(/is).  the registry made sense even to the uninitiated.  loading new device drivers was often a simple matter of adding another line to CONFIG.SYS.  IBM's DOS emulation was often a superior performer for playing games than straight DOS if you were so inclined.  the list goes on ... it was a helluva of an OS at the time.


>defending OS/2 CONFIG.SYS

>implying OS/2's networking stack wasn't a tire fire

>implying anyone wrote PM applications

I could go on, but once computers got fast enough to run NT, the dream was over.

@calvin >the dream was over

at risk of being a wag, I think you're right -- as soon as people were convinced NT was The Way, the fun of PCs largely ended.
winmine.exe @calvin

@awg OS/2 was technically inferior to NT.

The fun of PCs ended when they killed BeOS. (Too bad it's basically back though.)

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