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@bcallah @mulander @canadianbryan Hmm, it threw an exception when entering GameMode.

@bcallah @mulander @canadianbryan

It couldn't find mcs. Pic is from the original linux launcher. mcs needs to symlink to something. Question is what in this setup.

@thfr @bcallah @mulander @canadianbryan mcs is the pre-Roslyn Mono C# compiler; why would it want that?

@calvin @bcallah @mulander @canadianbryan Maybe if I link it to /usr/local/bin/mcs...

Hope my laptop won't explode.

@canadianbryan @mulander @bcallah @calvin symlinked to /usr/local/bin/mcs, but still when it's autosaving at the start of a game, this happens:

hope it's readable... If any intuitions let ma know.

@thfr @mulander @bcallah @calvin The [ERROR] except line suggests it can open some file, could ktrace it for some hints? Can attach to a running process to avoid a huge trace file.

$ ktrace -di -p <pid>
$ ktrace -C && kdump

winmine.exe @calvin

@thfr @canadianbryan @mulander @bcallah FWIW, Mono also has tracing options for seeing what methods are called in real time; see mono --help

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@calvin @canadianbryan @mulander @bcallah Guess #mono and me are bound to get better acquainted these days... I'll check it out!

@bcallah @mulander @canadianbryan @calvin A quick search makes it seem like the error means that mcs itself can't be found, rather than a file passed to mcs... I could be wrong... Configs and error logs are in the usual places, so this can't be a general file writing issue.

I have a feeling upstream can probably answer this immediately, but I wanna see first what's going on...

@calvin @canadianbryan @mulander @bcallah Uploaded mono trace to . Looks to me like it can't find the .cs file in /tmp (different name on every execution) - this starts line 72. They don't exist in /tmp. All the "/r:" files do exist.

Am wondering where this .cs file comes from.... #autosavemyfarm

@bcallah @mulander @canadianbryan @calvin Learned that #StardewValley official Linux version is not #FNA which explains some peculiarities. May work with other versions, maybe with XNAToFNA. #autosavemyfarm

@canadianbryan @calvin @mulander @bcallah The *BSD support is just s/linux/linux, freebsd, openbsd, netbsd/g on the config files, so low-effort and low-risk for upstream.

The other pieces to the puzzle are pointing the games to #OpenBSD's libraries and fixing mono, which we need to address ourselves.

Not sure how the *BSD are gonna approach this if at all...