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@bcallah @mulander @canadianbryan Hmm, it threw an exception when entering GameMode.

@bcallah @mulander @canadianbryan

It couldn't find mcs. Pic is from the original linux launcher. mcs needs to symlink to something. Question is what in this setup.

@thfr @bcallah @mulander @canadianbryan mcs is the pre-Roslyn Mono C# compiler; why would it want that?

@calvin @bcallah @mulander @canadianbryan Maybe if I link it to /usr/local/bin/mcs...

Hope my laptop won't explode.

@canadianbryan @mulander @bcallah @calvin symlinked to /usr/local/bin/mcs, but still when it's autosaving at the start of a game, this happens:

hope it's readable... If any intuitions let ma know.

Creamed Corn Magician @calvin

@thfr @canadianbryan @mulander @bcallah I'm no Mono internals expert, but I believe what's happening is XML serialization is calling mcs; the question is why is it asking to compile an assembly? I would think it should be able to reflect inside the assembly. (Stupid guess: is the serializing thinking it can't find a class to make outside the assembly?)

That being said... what parameters is it passing to mcs? FWIW, mcs is a script to call mono mcs.exe, so make sure that's in working order, OFC.

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@calvin @canadianbryan @mulander @bcallah This is based on the Linux version, so this is likely to assume Linux (probably more specifically Ubuntu) file locations.