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Lazyweb: I'm trying to debug this PC I've had for a while that just doesn't work. It was spontaneously rebooting for a while, then it just got to the point it reboots at firmware screens now.

* Removed disk, nothing changes

* Swapped PSU, nothing changes.

* Swapped CPU, nothing changes

* Swapped mobo, nothing changes

* Swapped RAM, nothing changes

* Removed mobo from case & started with a screwdriver, nothing changes

I've replaced the system, but I'd like to know why it doesn't work. Why?

@anarchygarden No beeps; I think the most was scroll lock blinking briefly?

It does require both the PC speaker is working and connected for post beeps

@anarchygarden don't have one connected unfortunately, and I cant seem to find mine

the mobo manual is useless for debugging anyways - no beep codes!

winmine.exe @calvin

@anarchygarden the RAM seems to work enough to get to the splash screen (only like a quarter of the time) though; doesn't matter which way I put it

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