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Lazyweb: I'm trying to debug this PC I've had for a while that just doesn't work. It was spontaneously rebooting for a while, then it just got to the point it reboots at firmware screens now.

* Removed disk, nothing changes

* Swapped PSU, nothing changes.

* Swapped CPU, nothing changes

* Swapped mobo, nothing changes

* Swapped RAM, nothing changes

* Removed mobo from case & started with a screwdriver, nothing changes

I've replaced the system, but I'd like to know why it doesn't work. Why?

@calvin could it be a faulty cpu fan or bad thermal paste causing the cpu to overheat and trigger a reboot?

@pho4cexa The fan while a PITA to install, (the pushpins are only easy the first time) spins fine and I apply new paste each time since it's been a while since swaps. The H81 board gets further into the boot process (it can get to the BIOS config screen if lucky, which shows the fan is spinning fine and the CPU is running at like 30C) than the B85 board.

@calvin same behavior with all usb and other peripherals unplugged? I've seen a usb flatbed scanner cause a system to fail to boot in the past...

winmine.exe @calvin

@pho4cexa I only have a PS/2 keyboard and VGA monitor plugged in. (and power, OFC)

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