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Lazyweb: I'm trying to debug this PC I've had for a while that just doesn't work. It was spontaneously rebooting for a while, then it just got to the point it reboots at firmware screens now.

* Removed disk, nothing changes

* Swapped PSU, nothing changes.

* Swapped CPU, nothing changes

* Swapped mobo, nothing changes

* Swapped RAM, nothing changes

* Removed mobo from case & started with a screwdriver, nothing changes

I've replaced the system, but I'd like to know why it doesn't work. Why?

@calvin hmmm could one bad part (like the PSU) be corrupting the other parts as you keep swapping stuff in and out?

winmine.exe @calvin

@MightyPork My theory was the CPU going bad - I didn't try the G3258 in the B85M board, because I didn't have it then. The PSU seems clean.

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