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its interesting that pinterests entire business model is to download every single image on the internet, and put them all on a web page, and when you click on them it tells you to join pinterest

im sure i thought of this business model myself in about 2002, but my teacher old me off because it was copyright infringement, and also i think microsoft frontpage would crash with more than about 100 snowman gifs

i think later on, in about 2005, a different teacher gave me a copy of Macromedia Dreamweaver, then i knew i was fuckin playin with power. playin with fire. dangerous amounts of power. i could probably do anything. heres some examples: you could make a gallery of your counter strike screenshots. semi-automatically!!! fucking hell

it was counter strike 1.6 i think, because while counter strike source DID run on my computer, if you loaded up one of the de_dusts, windows would bluescreen. thanks Silicon Integrated Systems for your incredibly powerful driver


@jk thanks for shooting bad memories of SiS back into me

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