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Hm, is it time for a Stellaris deep dive? It might be time for a Stellaris deep dive.

@Are0h As a big Victoria 2 player who never got into their other games, I'd be curious. I heard Stellaris tried to toe the line between Alpha Centauri-like 4X vs. the usual Paradox grand strategy and did so poorly. I'd be curious to see what it's like in that regard.

@calvin I'd say calling it an Alpha Centauri like 4X is a poor description of the game as the scope of AC is completely different from Stellaris. If one is expecting Alpha Centauri when they play Stellaris, you are going to be disappointed.

If you're into grand strategy games, I would definitely recommend it. The pace is methodical, so it's not everyone cup of tea, but as a title, it's a quality entry into the genre.


@Are0h I might pick it up during the Steam winter sale then.

My problems with Paradox's other games that weren't Victoria is that they felt too....abstract? They felt like pulling levers and rolling dice that never matched up with what happens. In Victoria, there's a grounding due to actual simulation of population with their needs, religions, etc.; by operating on them, I feel cause and effect, and that I'm doing something meaningful to a country and its people. It gives it a unique character.

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@calvin I can't speak to any of Paradox's other titles outside of Tyranny, which you should definitely check out, but Stellaris has many of those same mechanics. Of course there is the prerequisite resource management, but also the nuance of dealing with different culture, government, political affiliations and religious temperaments.

Yeah, it's this huge galaxy spanning kind of epic, but it's built on the day to day tasks that add up to make your own particular culture.