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uhhhhhh my database class is having us design a simple web application with users and some other stuff and uhhhhh they want us to store the passwords in plaintext???

in case anyone was wondering why people in the real world still do that shit

@chr password-storing is platform-dependent (when you don't have bcrypt compiled, and also what do you mean PHP got rid of mcrypt) and full of pitfalls, so a password-hashing app is not simple

@oreolek we're using specifically java with microsoft sql server so both of those have at least passable hashing options that would have been worth at least a mention

@chr @oreolek ugh... why the hell aren't they using MySQL, Postgres, or MariaDB?

Creamed Corn Magician @calvin

@Miller_Geek @chr @oreolek MS SQL is a pretty good DB, you know? MySQL should have died with shared PHP hosting - its SQL implementation is quite sad to work in. I hear Pg is much nicer, but I've had the Pg DB for this mastodon server corrupt within the month I've been running it.

So I guess in my experience, the only DBs worth running at SQLite and MS SQL. (I've had it churn hard running SharePoint and it still keeps ticking even with power failures and heavy Lourdes.)

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@calvin @chr @oreolek The corruption you experience is almost certainly a Mastodon issue, not a Postgres issue. I've had no issues with Postgres in production.

MS SQL is rather rare in the real world. It's no better than open source options like Postgres or MariaDB, but it's expensive.

@Miller_Geek @chr @oreolek DB indice corruption sounds like DB corruption to me?

Calling MySQL/MariaDB on the same level as Pg or MSSQL is something I can't take seriously from experience trying to write queries for MariaDB though. Ask a DBA smarter than me (like, all of them) and they'll likely give you the same answer.

@calvin @chr @oreolek I'm not saying the DB didn't get corrupted, I'm saying it likely got corrupted because of a Masto bug, rather than a Postgres bug.