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This prototype "Swyft" from Information Appliance, designed by Jef Raskin, has a keyboard remarkably similar to the layout I was planning for my DIY computer

Only difference is that I have one less key on the bottom row (only Menu, Help, Space, AltGr, and Menu again), and the spacebar is much longer


Illuminati Information Systems @calvin

@cypnk so many of these old 80s/90s portable dinguses like this, the Model 100, and AlphaSmarts don't have a hinge and MY NECK HATES IT

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@calvin @cypnk that's one thing I like about the Cyberdeck design; no moving hinge. but at least the screen is at an angle.

@technomancy @calvin @cypnk
Very cool. That's an interesting concept compared to a hinged or permanently placed screen.

@calvin @cypnk In there defense most typewriters area of focus, i.e. the line you were currently typing/writing was roughly where those panels would be, it took some thinking outside the box to (and added mechanical design/difficulty/failure point) to add a hinge and bring it more vertical.