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I need a google docs replacement.

Ideally, something I can host myself.

I don't care about word compatibility, but I do need at least rich text, wysiwyg, and access control.

First instinct is gitlab and markdown, but that isn't what I want. It'd fulfill the same goals, but it's not what I want.


@ajroach42 SharePoint and Office Web Apps. I am not fucking with you; it really works, it's an older version of the OneDrive web apps, but it's self-hosted. I've got the 2013 versions of each on the same server coming from the toot. (2016 OWA might have brought it up to newer parity IIRC?)

I've tried the various ones for Own/NextCloud and they're all horribly janky, poor formatting, and excruciating to set up.

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