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@tim I remember a lot of old Web 2.0 software that doesn't exist anymore - remember YouOS?

@calvin @tim For that matter, look at the destruction of major Web 2.0 apps that Google's left in their wake - both their own, and crushing competition to their own (and then killing their own product).

@bhtooefr @tim One thing I'm trying to preserve self-hostable web apps of Web 2.0 (and 0.x/1.x)

@calvin @tim Needs Corel Office for Java, although it was a horrific buggy mess, and needs incredibly old JVMs to run (the one time I tried it, I think it was the Microsoft JVM).

@calvin @tim I forgot about that!

The readme basically admits that the whole thing is a dumpster fire...

winmine.exe @calvin

@bhtooefr @tim turns out none of them seem to even run on the MS JVM; they load but do nothing

"write once, run everywhere" my arse

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@calvin @tim Maybe I simply remembered wrong, then, and had the Sun JVM on that machine...

@bhtooefr @tim on the upshot it explicitly supports the OS/2 JVM, so....

I'll try Netscape's next, I guess

@bhtooefr @tim and it crashes netscape 3, totes contemporary. fun!

@tim @bhtooefr so it "works" in Netscape 4, but only "Quattro Pro" - WP/Presentation won't