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I love , but these suggestions seem like gopher for the sake of gopher rather than its strengths

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@calvin What gets my goat more is that the #gopher renaissance is borderline abusing it. Gopher is more like a cheaper and less convoluted one-way file transfer than a "primitive Web".

It's especially obnoxious seeing type-1 responses ("directories") with more informational lines than actual links.

Do these people not realize that hypertext really is a big deal? You can still serve HTM via gopher and do things right. "muh pleainteckst >:(" is more important to them.

@rocx I like the "type 1" menus myself, but reject the notion of putting hypertext on it, often in HTML or its superset, Markdown. Gopher's strength is its simplicity in both protocol and content. When you talk about putting Markdown renderers or BT trackers on it, you're just making it a shitty nc/http proto.

What we really could be doing though, is taking the web back to its roots and/or do Gopher. (because it's fun!)