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@bhtooefr @calvin
That happened to me when I clicked on Dan Harmon from Calvin's toot. I see an accurate post count but not the posts.

@coryw @calvin Basically I'm thinking federation needs to be more aggressive in general for good user experience

@bhtooefr @calvin That, and this may be the case, you really need to have a strong in-instance community to interact with. With just four users, it very much looks like "I'll start my own instance with blackjack and hookers".

@coryw @calvin Or be on a sufficiently big instance that sees all of the other instances' communities

@bhtooefr @calvin Yeah. There's definitely a good justification for going on a big instance. Part of that depends on how you want to use it and I think that's part of what makes it a liiiiittle bit of a thing that essentially presents itself as "for" techno-elites.

@coryw @bhtooefr though again, I think Mastodon seems to be cutting a lot of that stigma away with its marketing, focus on UX, and the pushes from various twitterspheres

@calvin @bhtooefr We'll see. and it was noted on bolix yesterday that we are on an old version (I guess 1.6 and 2 is out?) so that was a bit of a thing. that may make it better, but the pictures I've seen on the GitHub still show this interface, so there's that.

@coryw @bhtooefr I made deploying it as much of a pkg based solution as I could

@bhtooefr @coryw so the old version is FreeBSD 11's problem

@calvin @coryw That's the bad thing about web services - you can take the packaged solution and be horrifically out of date, or you can take latest and have to maintain updates yourself

@bhtooefr @coryw FreeBSD seems to be the only distro/OS maintaining their own pkg with any effort, so I use that - I could deploy it myself, but it's mixed Rails *and* Node, which is a hassle, and I ain't got time to figure out and baby Docker, especially in a weird situation.

@calvin @coryw Although, looks like net-im/mastodon is 2.0.0_3 per FreshPorts...

@bhtooefr @calvin @coryw It's also 2.0 in packages if you are using current instead of quarterly. Update in /etc/pkg/FreeBSD.conf. This is what I'm doing on my instance running in an iocage jail.

winmine.exe @calvin

@Strog @bhtooefr @coryw shit, I remembered I could do that - I rarely use FreeBSD (gotta be patriotic with OpenBSD, or NOT GIVE A FUCK with Debian) so the thought hasn't popped into my mind - I'll likely run it over again soonish and see. Thanks!

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