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@calvin I used to have a screen saver that would generate those landscapes

@interneteh @calvin You just reminded me of an Amiga app that would slowly generate alpine landscapes for you!

@calvin description: A wallpaper with snow peaked mountains in an endless ocean, with a planet in the distance. A QNX logo with "The Leading Realtime OS for PCs" underneath is on it. At the bottom is a program selector with the application tabs selected, and a taskbar.

@ehashman i managed to install it and it's pretty cool, even if I can't figure out how TCP/IP on it works

@calvin damn, I'm impressed

The first software I actually tried to compile was openssl on QNX (when I was an intern at RIM and the security people were giving me silly things to do with my work Playbook)

@ehashman winworld (oh hey! I need to do things with it again, seeing as im the dev) has copies of QNX 4.25 (this) and i'm sure you can find a license key off the back of a truck

seems like it comes with C/C++ compilers too! and japanese manuals!

@calvin @ehashman still looking for that copy of the QNX source code that officially got posted for a while but then got taken down