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winmine.exe @calvin

<@Aerdan> they should just fire the .NET Core team and move all resources to Mono, tbh.

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@calvin seems to be MS's general direction lately. Suck, and then buy out someone that sucks less.

@flussence my suspicion is the Mono team is more competent and the better codebase

@calvin @flussence At least when it comes to rounding floats, that's actually not the case. Mono'e float rounding messes edge case that C# (Core and main) both get right, around values that are close to 0.500000001 (I forget the exact number of zeros)

@yumaikas @flussence unrelated to FP (which seems architecture sensitive) but more stance on issues in general

@calvin @Aerdan they could give me some engineers so I can ship VS for Linux