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every year when I replay deus ex again I keep forgetting:

1. how good the writing is (not many games from 2000 tried to make you think)

2. how terribly the voice acting (especially in HK) has aged and some of the aesthetic (are a bit too 90s/there are print papers in the future?)

3. every time I play with/without mods & do it the other way next playthrough, I end up confused on why I don't remember it being like it was before (esp w/ subtle ones like GMDX)

there's a reason I keep replaying

winmine.exe @calvin

that said, also 4. holy shit pistol OP, stealth + pistol and dumping everything into it is the only way, seeing as other weapons are kinda weak and you're really squishy; it kinda negates the point of other playstyles if they're no good

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