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winmine.exe @calvin

@kaniini welcome to "XMPP got better but the only good client is on Android and Pidgin is calcified in 2011"

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@feld @kaniini Gajim works but it sucks ass; Pidgin you can add plugins to modernize but the plugins are buggy (especially the OMEMO one - when OMEMO works it embarrasses OTR, but when it doesn't...)

Conversations works great but that's only good on mobile

@calvin @kaniini I don't mind the Pidgin desktop client as far as it goes, but top of my wish-list is a web client so I can log in and chat from anywhere and have central logs. The best work-around I have is to SSH into my chat server and run Finch which is… interesting.

So yeah, Pidgin is stuck in the 2004 mindset that everyone's on their desktop all the time. I'm guessing you're also talking about their baffling encryption plugins?