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since people are talking about it, here's PocketToot, a Mastodon API client (tested with 2.3.3, Pleroma untested but likely compatible) for Windows Mobile 5 in the Pocket PC form factor. (2003/Smartphone unsupported; see README)


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Interested in lobste.rs? I'm willing to give out invites if you reply with your blog, VCS repos, cool projects you've made, thoughts relevant to the site's scope, etc.


suddenly, the dungeon collapses around you!

kitsch and art coexist in a medium

really liking how firefox shows you stale pinned tab contents when you reopen it

I wanna have someone write about the state of the Linux Desktop in 2018. Outside of other comments, it's not only viable and thriving, I (with dozens of people) have been doing it for YEARS.

I'm coming on close to a decade now!

I'm so old that when I was at university we still believed in the "semantic web".

old russian books have the maximum amounts of gorky

That thing where you really should close the laptop and go to bed but you're convinced that you're THISCLOSE to figuring it out.

the only version of microsoft windows with consistent visual design was 95. also it didnt really do much. thats why its my favorite version

im shocked this android phone gets updates

cursed idea: fediverse instances with premade COPPA forms and fax number to send it to

if you commit a crime and say "only god can judge me" then your trial is delayed until you die

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