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Cowboy, seen twice

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since people are talking about it, here's PocketToot, a Mastodon API client (tested with 2.3.3, Pleroma untested but likely compatible) for Windows Mobile 5 in the Pocket PC form factor. (2003/Smartphone unsupported; see README)

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Interested in I'm willing to give out invites if you reply with your blog, VCS repos, cool projects you've made, thoughts relevant to the site's scope, etc.

@tabkatta is literally just a hivemind of cats

laughing and imagining a series of glowing rings spreading out from the city center and eventually vaporizing everybody in town but leaving the buildings intact etc

C shell is better left on beaches than in your $PATH

i don't think these people understand how copyright licensing works:

there is no GPLv2 vulnerability, that GPLv3 made it explicit is only for the benefit of civil law countries. under common law, universal copyright licenses are irrevocable except under specific conditions. this is why licenses are the way they are.

I always liked Michael Gira's cameo in Mulholland Drive

most people who stay 'this but unironically' are still being ironic. kinda ironic if you think about it.

this isn't some kind of metaphor; god damn, this is real!

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from IRC:

< Danamania> Who else goes wandering down google street view to see the addresses listed on long-dead shareware apps?

popful mail might be a good PC-98 game, but the sequel, imapful mail is even better

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Do you know what a love letter is? It's a VBScript from my fuckin' email, fucker. If you receive a love letter from me, your files are fucked forever. Do you understand, fuck?

it's a well known fact if you yell "hello" before pulling the lever on a slot machine, it's a guaranteed jackpot

why do I watch @lain's "cooking" videos while eating

root beer is an oxymoron because unix makes you take a breathalyzer test before logging in as superuser