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since people are talking about it, here's PocketToot, a Mastodon API client (tested with 2.3.3, Pleroma untested but likely compatible) for Windows Mobile 5 in the Pocket PC form factor. (2003/Smartphone unsupported; see README)

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Interested in I'm willing to give out invites if you reply with your blog, VCS repos, cool projects you've made, thoughts relevant to the site's scope, etc.

Boustrophedon endian, where byte endianness changes every page of memory

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who the fuck is Eric of Eric's Ultimate Solitaire anyway
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a UNIX operating system for the new millennium. Call 1-800-FUCKING-SHITTING-COMPUTER to talk to one of our representatives about FuCKSTEP. Only available on FuckCube workstation

SET BLASTER=A220 I5 D1 T3 P330 H6 E620

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I think I just found the last buyer of pre-wiki encyclopedias.

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back in the old days before we had the internet, you'd have to go down to the library if you wanted to look something up on the internet

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CLR removes tough Java based stains fast

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*notices package on door step*
OwO what's this???? A Casio EX-word XD-Z20000 電子辞書 (denshi jisho, electronic dictionary)! What wonders lie within?!?!

the four primitive datatypes: string, brass, woodwind, percussion

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the problem with having a website is you have to put stuff on it

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Am I the only Techie out there who is mostly OS agnostic?

I mean Windows really isn't a bad thing...

neither is almost every Linux distro I've encountered...

OSX is good for it's role as a consumer device...

I don't know why everything has to be perceived tribally.

tired: emmental cheese

wired: cheese elemental

ZFS stands for zombocom filesystem

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So I've been doing some thinking about #gopher.

I like it for various reasons, most of them technical and the limited function is something I enjoy to work with.

But in back in the day the web won me over not because there was JS (there was none) or image tags (though they were great) - it's because hypertext is a pretty awesome document exploration model.

Gopher is fun but I think a better approach is to make "plain" HTML sites that work on monochrome text displays and survive a cached, offline viewing.

if only the mayans made calendars up to 2038

they'd have known what was up

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