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since people are talking about it, here's PocketToot, a Mastodon API client (tested with 2.3.3, Pleroma untested but likely compatible) for Windows Mobile 5 in the Pocket PC form factor. (2003/Smartphone unsupported; see README)

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Interested in I'm willing to give out invites if you reply with your blog, VCS repos, cool projects you've made, thoughts relevant to the site's scope, etc.

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The key combination to activate gdb's text UI mode is Ctrl-X, A. Now you know the secret; use it wisely.

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Anyone knows what SRC 0000 0000B means for AS/400 9406 Model 600 ?

I hope this is something with a lock, not a dead power supply

anyone know some mastodon archiving tools, because export is a little lossy?

congrats on the new high of life instead of liquor

you've been here far longer than anyone else, and you still care, so that says something about you

has a lot of crazy titles but the experience to back it up, even if they don't realize it themselves

i wish i heard more about your life because it always sounded interesting

you've lived a life stranger than fiction, but now it might turn into something that can meaningfully change the world

i never really got to know you well but clearly you've been in everything far longer than me, so you have some kind of wisdom

you took your own path and more people than you think appreciate you for it - indeed, I respect you deeply for it

never met you but i assume you do works out against all odds

i expect you to start a they might be giants cover band

you fav a lot, so you must like what i say even if no one else expresses it

subpost game since everyone's doing it: fav for anonymized opinion on you

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Does anyone here have Garnet OS Developer Suite? The Access Dev Net site is lost and the development package as well ...

so many LDAP plugins for mediawiki... which one's the good one?

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So @keybase is not going to bother with micro/family instances (e.g. <5 users). Great.

Careful Fediverse, "centralization"-first is coming. Or at least "large-instances-first".

Keybase recommends to use the website verification for those small instances, fine, but this won't support the encrypted messages that were proudly announced 7 paragraphs before.

#Fediverse #Mastodon #Keybase

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How many manuals in the day had this template for their ToC? One must wonder.