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You want power, you want speed, the 700 series has what you need


PA-RISC has set the pace, Hewlett-Packard now leads the race


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Interested in lobste.rs? I'm willing to give out invites if you reply with your blog, VCS repos, cool projects you've made, thoughts relevant to the site's scope, etc.


Whenever a new generation discovers Markov chaining it's always mildly annoying but also kinda like "yes a piece of knowledge is being passed on!"

if Captain Morgan conquered the Ottoman Empire, would he be the Sultan of Rum? 🤔

at least my test case is smaller 🤔

know the difference:

satire: some centaur dude

satyr: french author

sartre: hahaha it's just a joke lighten up

Does anyone:
* know about the old Microsoft interlink (interlnk/intersrv) protocol in detail,
* have a copy of interlnk/intersrv.exe,
* have a backup of the defunct ftp.microsoft.com ftp site, or
* have an archive of Dr. Dobb's Journal covering 1996?

Asking for a friend who is me
#retrocomputing #interlink

psql is the best Mastodon search tool, for sure

Something reminded me I still have Pidgin installd... It's strange to think that something like 6 or 7 years ago I used to have it open all the time because all my friends were on gTalk and MSN

GPUs support bump mapping nowadays, and VR lets you have tactile feedback for actions in a virtual world; when will they make a game about phrenology?

I wonder if my cat knows that I'm not a cat, or whether she thinks I'm just a really tall cat 🤔

Someone tell me why I shouldn't do this.

about ~2 hour build time on a pair of toasty POWER6s

GitHub merge resolve tool could be a bit clearer in

1. what's from the offending branch vs. the other branch

2. that it's really just a text editor; I thought it was a read-only source editor

maybe i'm a bit dense or something

spcy take: Windows excels in workgroup environments (as in, shit where people use Office, and backed by AD/GPU/Exchange/etc) and it's pointless for GNU/Linux zealots to talk about these environments until they can pull out something comparable.

(I fucking hate that KeePassDroid icon; it looks like a bad Holo imitation.... and now we're on Material everything else)

it's otherwise good software though!

need to clean my keyboard, key isn't working right

Does anybody know if there's any modern disc burning software I can point at a very large pile of files and have it split them into either ISOs or burn them onto a series of discs?

Proposal: The Fediverse's ideal smartphone is the Palm Centro.