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Just finished a new project, this time I embedded a full Windows 3.1 w/ a ton of utils into a coreboot ROM on a ThinkPad X200. Small showcase and blogpost:

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...wait, did this instance actually process my following list import finally?


(In the meantime,'s certs expired, apparently.)

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If I follow you here, you're going to get followed by @bhtooefr shortly, so if you're wondering where that came from... that's where that came from.

Not sure if I'll move there for my main yet (it's stuck on 2.3.3), but figured I should give myself options.

@lmorchard @djsundog (Switching instances because I wanted to do some tootin' from a thicc device, and the WM6.1 TLS implementation doesn't play nice with m.s.)

Really, I find the obsession with thinness in modern devices misguided anyway - make a chomnk of a device, nicely fill the hand, rather than have a slab that the hand has to contort to hold...

Yeah, I'm TOOTing: Show more

And yet another test, of a more extreme edge case.

One more test, now that I have the following settings right.

@bhtooefr Testing to make sure this even works tbh

And testing it again, had the settings wrong anyway.